Previous Reports

Previous Reports

Reports for Clients and Sponsors

  • Options for a Rent Subsidy for the Peterborough Region* (2013)
  • Where’s Home 2013 (ONPHA and CHF) LINK
  • Rental Market Data from the 2011 National Household Survey (ONPHA 2013) LINK
  • City and County of Peterborough, Housing & Homelessness Needs Assessment (2013)* LINK
  • Norfolk and Haldimand Housing Needs Assessment (2012)*
  • Northumberland County Housing Needs Assessment (2013)*
  • Moving Forward on Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Northern Ontario (HSC and NOSDA 2012)
  • Health and Educational Outcomes of Housing: A Summary of Research Evidence (ONPHA 2012)
  • Options for Rent-to-Own Housing* (Miziwe Biik Development Corporation 2010)
  • Growth Management & Affordable Housing in Greater Toronto (CMHC 2007) LINK
  • Building Housing, Building the Nation: Toward a National Housing Strategy (CHRA, 2004) LINK

(*with Tim Welch Consulting Inc.)

Contributing Writer – Major Policy or Research Reports

  • City and County of Peterborough, Ten-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan
  • Report of the Mayor’s Homelessness Action Task Force (City of Toronto, 1999) LINK
  • National Housing Policy Options Report (Federation of Canadian Municipalities, 1999)
  • Housing Patterns and Prospects in Metro (Housing Trends and Needs Study, 1996)

Selected Presentations

  • Reviewing Provincial Affordable Housing Policy in Ontario, 2002-2012 (ONPHA conference 2013) LINK
  • Canadian Social Housing History (U of Ottawa lecture) LINK
  • How Housing Shaped Social Mix (or not) in Toronto LINK
  • Canada’s Unique Rental Housing History LINK

Steering committee / Project management / Terms of reference / Overseeing work as client

  • Guaranteeing a Future: The Challenge to Social Housing as Operating Agreements Expire (Connelly, Pomeroy and Dowling for CHRA, 2003)
  • Municipal Initiatives – Stemming the Loss of Rental Stock (Warne et al. for CHRA, 2002)
  • Options for the Municipal Role in Housing (Richard Drdla for the City of Toronto, 1998)
  • Several background reports for Homelessness Action Task Force (Golden Report, 1998-99)