Published & Academic Work

Published and Academic Work

I am interested in the ways affordable housing intersects with urban planning and development, housing markets, and evolving social policy.

“Offset Mirrors: Institutional Paths in Canadian and Australian Social Housing” International Journal of Housing Policy 11 (3) 2011 pdf

Canada and Australia are so alike and yet know so little of each other. But different contexts and decisions at key points have created many “small differences that matter”. This research also reflects my midlife interest in the land of my birth.

Rental Paths from Postwar to Present: Canada Compared (University of Toronto, Cities Centre, 2009) pdf

By the 1970s rental apartments were a normal part of the Canadian urban scene – now stigmatized. Postwar rental production was comparable to Europe. The housing-system perspective offered here balances the design emphasis in others’ brilliant re-imagining of “the towers”.

Growth Management and Affordable Housing in Greater Toronto (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, External Research Program, 2007) pdf

An exploration of links between housing mix, social mix, and urban development. Concepts of fair growth and regional equity that have never quite caught on. A study of spatial polarization in this Canadian city through the lens of the housing dynamics that drive the trend.

PhD, University of Toronto, 2014. Canadian social housing – policy evolution and impacts.

Social housing policy was shaped less by low-income needs than by welfare state turns, urban agendas, and mainstream housing concerns. Three key features – the 1960s OHC model, the 1970s shift to non-profit housing, and 1990s devolution – were partly political flukes. As part of Canada’s then ‘mid-Atlantic’ welfare state, social housing in its 1965-1995 heyday met half of low-income demand, fostered urban income mix, and cut rents in half for almost half of low-income renters. (Available from the author)

“A Municipal Perspective on National Housing Strategy” in Hulchanski and Shapcott (eds.) Finding Room: Options for a Canadian Rental Housing Strategy (University of Toronto Press, 2004)